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Phytophthora erythroseptica —also known as pink rot [1] along with several other species of Phytophtora —is a plant pathogen. It infects potatoes Solanum tuberosum causing their tubers to turn pink read article damages leaves.

It also infects tulips Tulipa damaging their levomikol Salbe trophischen Geschwüren and shoots. Several species from the Phytophthora genus are believed to be involved in causing pink rot-like diseases. As Phytophthora erythroseptica is an oomycete its disease cycle follows that of similar Phytophthora species. Often this secondary inoculum infects tubers post harvest while in storage. These zoospores are also capable phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren encysting and infecting belowground plant tissue.

Environmental factors play a critical role in the development and spread of P. This pathogen grows venotoniki uterine Krampfadern in a warm and wet environment.

It can infect a host without a phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren, however the presence of a wound will phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren infection greatly. A wound is needed for phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren to occur when the tubers are in storage.

Avoiding excessive late-season irrigation is imperative to minimize the risk for infection developing in phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren field. Avoiding excess phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren moisture is also important when storing potatoes after learn more here. Soil moisture levels that are close to field capacity, whether the water phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren from rainfall or irrigation, have been shown to increase the likelihood of soil-borne diseases.

However there are related pink rot species phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren infect raspberries, tomatoes, clover and asparagus. Tuber symptoms are the most obvious to diagnose. Occasionally, a darkened color can be observed on the skin covering the infected portion of the tuber. When a suspected tuber is cut open, a dividing line can be phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren between the phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren tuber tissue and the infected tissue.

Infection spreads from the stolon end of tubers and usually leads to a rubbery or spongy consistency. After this time period the infected tissue turns to a brownish-blackish color [11] Aboveground symptoms can include chlorosis, stunting, and wilting of the plants. Roots and stolons can become blackened as well. The pink color is often used as the main symptom when making a firm diagnosis. The infected tubers often visit web page watery and have a distinct smell.

The potatoes plants themselves can sometimes read more wilted however most symptoms are seen on the tuber. The majority of symptoms are seen inside the tuber except for the rubbery appearance that the outside may have. There are often cases that show symptoms other than rotting, these are often due to a pathogen other than P. A multi-faceted approach is recommended to control pink rot. Sanitation of fields to reduce the amount of residues and volunteer potatoes is important to remove sources of inoculum or places the pathogen can overwinter.

Phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren crop rotation of 3—4 years is recommended to limit the amount of surviving spores in the soil, which is the main form of inoculum.

Most cultivars of potatoes currently in production are susceptible to pink rot, however some are more resistant phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren others.

In areas that Pink Rot is known to occur, it is best to avoid extremely susceptible cultivars. Additionally, planting only certified seed, avoiding recently problematic fields, and monitoring soil moistures and conditions, are all recommended practices when planting potatoes.

It is not recommended to plant potatoes when fields are wet, or in low spots that can retain water for phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren periods.

Careful and thoughtful harvesting is important to minimize the risk of disease development. This includes allowing a good skin set before harvest, minimizing damage while phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren, avoiding harvesting potatoes from wet areas that are more susceptible or likely to be diseased, and avoid harvesting in temperatures greater than 65 F. Curing phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren in conditions of high humidity and cool temperatures to promote wound healing, Die Symptome der oberflächlichen Thrombophlebitis der unteren Extremitäten storing potatoes with adequate air movement and cool temperatures see more also help prevent disease.

Chemical control can be difficult due to resistance development to phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren fungicides.

Also there are few fungicidal modes of action that are effective. This includes the formerly successful Metalaxyl, which is now widely ineffective due to resistance exhibited in the pathogen. Mefenoxam is another fungicide that pink rot pathogens have phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren resistance against. However, article source has shown that phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren combination of Mefenoxam and oxathiapiprolin has demonstrated effectiveness phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren suppressing pink rot.

Fluopicoide, part of the benzimide class of fungicides, has been shown to be effective at reducing pink rot on field scales. Metalaxyl and similar chemicals disrupt RNA polymerase and prevent transcription. These chemicals are often used about a read article before harvest. Phleborrhagia trophischen Geschwüren, resistance to pink rot is being tested and encouraged in new cultivars of potatoes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Phytophthora erythroseptica Scientific classification Domain: Retrieved 22 July Michigan State University Extension http: Its identification and pathogenesis". Plant Pathology in Agriculture. North Dakota State University, Fargo. Department of Plant Pathology. Cornell University, Department of Plant Pathology. The University of Maine Digital Commons.

Retrieved from " https: Phytophthora Water mould plant pathogens and diseases Potato diseases Ornamental plant pathogens and diseases. Articles with 'species' microformats. Views Read Edit View history.

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